Description of the business concept

The concept is a franchise system in the movement education, health and fitness world for children ages 1 – 8 years old.

Dirk has done intensive market research in this industry in the years that he spends in the gymnastics world. During a survey conducted in nursery and primary schools, he found that the general perception was that there was a need for these types of programmes within the younger generation.

There is nothing quite like this unique concept anywhere in the world. We promote an image of professionalism, quality and non-competitive fun for the children. We concentrate on the development of confidence and a positive self-image for our members.

Our Goals

• The MONKEYNASTIX PROGRAMME focuses on long term motivation.

• We develop confidence and a positive SELF-IMAGE.

• We develop general motor imitation skills, general fitness, strength, Speed & agility, flexibility and cardio vascular fitness.

Vision and Mission of the business

Our Vision

We are inspired by children and Our Vision is to see all the children of the world fit, co-ordinated, confident and happy.

• Our Vision is to remain the leader in the respected children’s fitness industry.

• Our Vision is to share with others.

Our Mission

• Our Mission is to provide schools, teachers, children, parents and communities with a service and products that enrich, support and celebrate childhood.

• Our Mission is to continuously learn from children and to understand their circumstances in a fast changing and more demanding world.

• Our Mission is to build our brand through creativity and innovation and to develop and deliver a unique programme at various venues over the world.

• Our Mission is to establish Regional Service Centres in different countries that will support a strong Franchisor for the benefit of all franchisees in a more demanding and competitive business environment.

• Our Mission is to supply a professional service of movement education classes, summer/ holiday programmes and children’s parties at various venues.

• Our Mission is to promote a good corporate image of fitness & fun!

• Our Mission is to develop & grow Monkeynastix to its fullest potential and act aggressively towards competitors in the market.

Background and history of the business

In 1992 Dirk Cilliers developed and launched Olymkids pre-school gymnastics and movement education programme at various nursery schools in South Africa. Dirk has a wealth of hands-on experience as he was gymnast from a very young age and involved in the gymnastics world for a number of years. “Olymkids” was aimed at fun and fitness for ALL children and included the basics of gymnastics, aerobics, ball skills, body awareness, strength and flexibility.

Dirk later attended a course in Specialized Children Movement in Holland presented by the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation and this knowledge gained gave enormous depth to the original ‘Olymkids’ programme and contributed greatly to the success and development of our members. Dirk incorporated Olymkids and established Monkeynastix in South Africa in 1995 with a starting membership of 500 children.

The first international Monkeynastix franchise opened was in Botswana in 1998. The following year we opened a new Monkeynastix franchise in Northern Ireland.. Monkeynastix was also started in Mauritius in 2003, in Kenya in 2004 in Zambia and Dubai in 2005/6 and India, Turkey and Egypt in 2007.

Monkeynastix currently has more than 70 franchisees in South Africa, Botswana, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritius, , U.A.E., Canada, U.S.A. and it is still growing.

The ideal profile of a Monkeynastix franchisee

Franchisees that we are looking for are between the ages of 25 and 40 with a love for sport, and healthy living. They must have a passion for children and education.

Franchisor Trademarks

Monkeynastix is a registered Trademark in South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius, and Republic of Ireland and in the United Kingdom and others in the process.

The Monkeynastix trade names and trademarks, such as the logo seen on the letterheads, are trade names and trademarks of Monkeynastix.

The Franchisee will be granted the right to use these trade names and trademarks once the Franchise Agreement has been signed.  Currently, there is no litigation pending, nor is any contemplated, regarding the use of the trade names and trademarks of Monkeynastix

 Refer to Annexure 2 for the list/ copies of certificates.

Names and contact details of individuals involved in the franchised  businesses closed or sold during the last 36 months

Refer to Annexure 3 for the list.

• None closed

• Sold – draw up a list

• Litigation with one franchisee – breach of  Franchise Agreement

NOTE: If the area of general trading has been traded before by a franchisee then this will be disclosed in the interview.

Franchisee’s Territory

The territory within which the Franchisee will be entitled to exercise its rights in terms of the Franchise Agreement is the geographical area defined as the territory in the Franchise Agreement schedule.  Should the Franchisee reach full capacity on the franchise on a consistent basis; the Franchisor will have the right to offer the first option of expansion to the Franchisee in an adjacent area if available.

If Franchisee (A) acquires potential business outside of the specified area in Franchisee’s (B) area, the (A) Franchisee will be entitled to:

➢ A one off payment determined by Monkeynastix International from Franchise (B)

➢ A (¼) termly payment per each new child from the finding from Franchisee (B) for one year.

Monkeynastix will not licence any additional Franchises in an existing active area.

With a Monkeynastix Franchise, emphasis on “site location” is eliminated. The Franchisee has the mobility to move his total business with him/her whenever necessary. The normal problems associated with renting property for a business such as rental overheads, water and electricity, security, theft, power failures and insurance are minimal, reducing both risk and cost.

The Franchisee’s area of operation and development is clearly defined as the territory in the Franchise Agreement to ensure the Franchisee’s success in the specific area of operation.

The Company’s Obligations

Included with the sale the following;

• 2 Day Franchisee Training

• 6 Day Instructor Training

• Software programme

• Start Up Package (refer Annexure 4)

Ongoing Back-up and Support

In addition to the initial training and support, Monkeynastix will provide the Franchisees with:

• Information on technological advances and    industry trends

• Refresher courses

• Newsletters

• Ongoing operational support

Monkeynastix will provide field support officers to monitor and assist Franchisees to be successful in their new venture.


Initial Franchisee management training with regards to control and systems to be used in the business is provided by Monkeynastix to the new Franchisee as well as New Instructor Training. These courses are compulsory for all new franchisees and instructors to attend.

Ongoing Training

New training programs and refresher courses will be provided by the Franchisor as required on a termly basis.

All documentation supplied (loaned) to any franchisee and/or instructors for training purposes remain the property of the franchisor.


The Franchisee will be provided with an Operations and Procedures Manual for use in the Monkeynastix Franchise.  An outline of the contents of the Operations Manual can be found in Annexure 5.

This manual is for the express purpose of successfully opening and operating the Franchise.  Any improvement or changes that the Company deems appropriate will be made available to the Franchisee from time to time by means of memorandums.

Product Service

The Franchisee shall only use the equipment and methods prescribed by the Franchisor.  All initial equipment is included by the Franchisor, thereafter, if any equipment is lost, the Franchisee is responsible to replace such equipment and is obliged to purchase this equipment from the Franchisor.

The Franchisor will prepare a list of recommended prices for all services rendered by Monkeynastix. All Franchisees are required to adhere to these prices for services rendered, in order to ensure equal competition between the Franchisees as well as unity of image and pricing towards the general public.

Operations Manual

Upon completion of the initial training, the Franchisee is “loaned” a copy of the Operations Manual for use in the Monkeynastix Franchise.  This manual has been prepared as the result of time and energy expended by the Franchisor to assist the new and established Franchisees in their successful operation of the business.

The Manual is the property of the Franchisor, and the Franchisee should take steps to ensure that it is maintained in a secure place.  Further, the Franchisee is responsible for keeping the Manual current by inserting replacement or additional pages as instructed by the Company from time to time.

This Manual is available to prospective Franchisees for reviewing prior to signing the Franchise Agreement and/or paying any fees.  Prospective Franchisees will not be permitted to remove the Manual from the Company’s premises, but they are able to gain an impression of the support that the Franchisor provides.

Upon termination of the Franchise Agreement, the Franchisee is required to return the Manual to the Franchisor.  Along with the actual Manual, the Franchisee is required to return any photocopies or other duplication that may have been made.

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