7. Accompanying Documentation

7.1 Additional Information

7.1.1 Accountants:
Financial Outsourcing

Philip Lourens

082 785 0970

7.1.2 Lawyers:

Adams & Adams

Eugene Honey

011 669 9670

7.1.3 Bankers:


Sandton City

7.2  Accountant’s Statement and Franchisor Financials

A certificate on an official letterhead from a person eligible in SA law to be registered as the accounting officer of a CC or the auditor of a Company certifying the statements below is attached as Annexure 10:

7.2.1 the business of the Franchisor member is a going concern

7.2.2 the assets of the Franchisor member’s business exceed its liabilities

7.2.3 The Franchisor member is able to meet its current and contingent liabilities

7.2.4 The Franchisor member is capable of meeting all of its financial commitments in the ordinary course of the business as they fall due

7.2.5 The Franchisor member is audited annual financial statements for the most recent expired financial year end have been drawn up

7.2.6 This has been conducted: in accordance with sound accounting principles; on the basis of accounting policies consistent with prior years; and in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act (No 61 of 1973) as amended, and all other applicable laws

7.2.7 This must reflect the financial position, affairs, operations and results if the Franchisor member at that date and for the period to which they relate

Refer to Annexure 11 for information on: Franchisor’s turnover, net profit. Access statements

7.3  List of current franchisees

Please refer to Annexure 12 for a list of current franchisees and their contact details.

Contact Head Office

Prospective Franchisees are entitled to contact or visit any existing franchisees to assess the franchise opportunity.

7.4     Organogram

Refer to Annexure 13 for an Organogram depicting the support system set up by the Franchisor in support of its Franchisees

7.5  Statement of Franchisor’s BEE contributor level

Currently there is no audited BEE accreditation.

Annexure Documents

Franchises sold or closed in last 36 months

Start up Package

Director’s statement

Franchisor Financial Information

Current Franchisee contact list


Monkeynastix Trade Mark Portfolio

Profitability  statement

Please refer to Total Investment  – Financial

Auditor’s Certificate

Contents of Operations Manual

Agreement of sale / offer to purchase